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Jul 7, 2019
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just once more to clarify a couple things here. YES!, after signing up you will have to do a couple (generally valuable) posts before you can download anything. that's not negotiable in any way for new members. we are providing most everything here for free, eating the cost to do so mainly our-selves and thanx to a couple members that decide that the site delivers good enough content to support us by buying VIP memberships.
to make it pretty clear, we don't care what you think you need right now! we actually really don't care about anybody signing up and hoping to just instantly leech what they think they need right now. DemonScripts builds on the idea to create a community that SHARES scripts for the benefit of all members. if that is asking to much of some signing up here, so be it - off you go and find that community somewhere else. since we are not commercially driven we give a good old f*ck!!!
if you think that you need to be able to d/l instantly based on your immediate needs, feel free to pay for it (see Premium page about it) or the majority here tells us so and we will develop a "pay as you go" scheme, we could also send you to an endless line of (for us) money generating re-links etc.... just say so, if that's your idea of a scripts forum! it sure will make our live a lot cheaper!
back to the point, you sign up here you participate in the community (hopefully happily and because you see the value) to access files, or you pay for VIP to avoid that 'annoying' participation... if you are not happy with either solution - JUST FUCK OFF! we are sure you will find some other forum to make you happy!

cheers, L

ps: and stop sending me pm's about it, they get trashed and you get banned :)
Not open for further replies.
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