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  1. LSDeep

    Premium [Andy] View Map 1.7

    Creates a button called View map for use in messages. Clicking the View map button will show a Google map with a marker to a specific location. Live Example: Santa Clara Cycle Accessories - Sunnyvale (Example of View map button in thread view) (Example of View map button in thread view...
  2. LSDeep

    Premium [Andy] Members Map 1.8

    Shows members on a Google map. (Example of Members map link) (Example of Members map) (Example of Options page) (Example of User group permissions) Features: Members map is updated once a month. Members general location is shown. All phrases start with membersmap_ for your convenience...
  3. LSDeep

    CodeCanyon Super Interactive Maps for WordPress 1.9

    This is a full-featured WordPress plugin integrated with the Google Geochart API, which allows you to create maps of countries, continents and regions. Create custom markers on the top of your map to show the place you are interested in, such as a hotel, cafe, airport, and others. You can add...
  4. LSDeep

    Premium HelloMaps Pro 1.1

    You can integrate HelloMaps, through the use of its numerous plugins, at any time with the components used in your site. Easy to set up in less than 5 minutes, you can customize each map through many features and options available depending on your needs.
  5. LSDeep

    Premium No Boss Mapmarkers 1.0.17

    Provide in your site an interactive map that can be displayed along with a contact form or contact information. Choose between many options of ready to use layouts and set display configurations according to your need. joo
  6. LSDeep

    Premium Shack Locations 1.4.2

    With Shack Locations you can create advanced directories with custom maps, markers, infoboxes and hundreds of locations. You can add details to your locations using custom fields. And, you can give your users the ability to search and filter through the locations.
  7. LSDeep

    Premium Ideal Store Locator 3.9.1

    Ideal Store Locator Plugin (iStoreLocator) works with Google Maps API which allows your website visitors to easily locate stores/contacts on the map. You can load a KML, XML OR CSV file with the locations. It also works with Contact Enhanced Component, so it comes packed with a number of...
  8. LSDeep

    Premium JA Open Street Map 1.1.2

    JA Open Street Map plugin is an advanced Joomla map extension to integrate FREE Open Street Map (free editable map of the world) into your Joomla website. The Open Streen Map Joomla extension will help you quickly setup beautiful responsive Open Street Map and embed to any place in your Joomla...
  9. LSDeep

    Premium GPS Tools 5.1.4

    GPS Tools shows your GPX/KML tracks on Google Maps or OpenStreetMap along with several analytical statistics such as Elevation charts, Heart rate charts, Speed charts, Cadence profile, Waypoints statistics etc. Your users can share tracks of their own and build a community-oriented tracks platform.
  10. LSDeep

    Premium Hotspots Pro 5.4.10

    Hotspots is a highly configurable Google Maps marker manager released for Joomla! developed by compojoom. HotSpots supports multiple & nested categories with different icons for your locations (markers). How do you know if HotSpots is good for you. Visit our demo and see the flexibility how to...
  11. LSDeep

    CodeCanyon Mapplic 6.0.1

    Mapplic is an interactive map plugin for WordPress. These can be maps of territories, maps of shopping centers or an apartment plan. With the ability to select zones and show detailed information. Supports both raster and vector file formats.
  12. LSDeep

    CodeCanyon Interactive World Maps 2.4.5

    This is a Wordpress plugin for creating any number of maps with interactive and color markers, continents, countries or regions.
  13. AyelGoth

    Retail Content Map Pro 1.3.9

    Allows you to associate a geographical location of each content Joomla, and show it on a map in the article. It is also a module, which accumulates in a single map the places linked to the articles. It supports markers with custom icons, information on markers, and all types of maps (road...
  14. LSDeep

    Other [Andy] Show Map 1.4

    A fully integrated map system based on threads. Live example here: Information (Example of Show map) (Example of Show map admin link) Features: Ability to show locations by descriptions. Links take you to thread that describing the location. All phrases start with showmap_ for your...
  15. LSDeep

    Nulled Amcharts 4.7.4

    Finally, a new kind of advanced data has appeared. Library for data visualization (graphs, charts, etc.). When you don’t have time to learn new technologies. When you need a simple but powerful and flexible data visualization solution. amCharts 4 includes both maps and geographic maps. A wide...
  16. LSDeep

    Premium 5sec plugin Google Maps Pro 1.43

    Easily enable custom Google Maps on any site. The visual map builder helps you create maps with multiple tags in seconds, is fully responsive and has 10 map skins + unlimited color mapping.
  17. LSDeep

    Premium Linky Map 2.4.1

    Create a map, add a marker or region, tooltips and links on your Joomla 2.5-3.x website with Linky Map generator and enjoy! Have you ever wanted to display a clean, well-designed map on your site? Now it has become possible without any special knowledge and without flash technology! Get the most...
  18. LSDeep

    CodeCanyon Advanced Google Maps Gold 5.2.1

    Advanced Google Maps - the Google Maps plugin for Wordpress is the most advanced plug-in Google Maps, ever created. Allows you to display posts, pages, or custom posts on Google Maps. You can display several types of messages on one google map. Assign a place for your message easily using the...
  19. LSDeep

    CodeCanyon Progress Map 5.5.1

    Progress Map is a WordPress plugin for sorting posts based on location. The goal is to help users with websites such as hotel directories, real estate directories, restaurant directories, job listings, store directories, etc., list their locations on a Google map and easily navigate through the...
  20. LSDeep

    CodeCanyon MapSVG 5.16.1

    The last WordPress mapping plugin you’ll ever need: Vector maps / Google Maps / Image Maps. All in one plugin. Vector maps Interactive maps of USA, Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands, and 100+ more countries are included. Import SVG from Adobe Illustrator Turn any vector image into an...
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