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  1. B

    Premium Mautic Magento Integration - CedCommerce 1.4.0

    About Mautic Magento Integration by CedCommerce The Mautic Magento Integration is a coming-of-age solution that integrates the Magento store with the marketing automation leader Mautic. This innovative extension - that focuses on multifaceted business aspects - automates the business marketing...
  2. B

    CodeCanyon Premium Magento Google Tag Manager Integration 2.0.0

    With Google Tag Manager you can manage your Google Analytics events, Adwords conversion tracking, remarketing, and many other features in one place. This extension allows you to integrate Google Tag Manager to your site. All you need to integrate Google Tag Manager is to insert your container...
  3. B

    Premium Hide PriceHide 1.10.8

    CUSTOMIZE YOUR STORE TO MEET YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS Many merchants are looking for a personal approach to their customers. Magento Hide Price extension is a good find in that search. It will help you make your pricing policy much more flexible by showing prices only to logged-in users or customers...
  4. B

    Premium Configurable Preselect 1.3.2

    NCREASE SALES OF CONFIGURABLE PRODUCTS Shows most common attributes combination When a customer gets to a page of any Magento configurable product, there are no options chosen and it can make him or her confused. Configurable Preselect is an appropriate tool to show some popular combination to...
  5. B

    Premium Auto Add Promo Items 2.7.14

    MAKE CUSTOMERS FEEL LOVED BY GIVING THEM LITTLE PRESENTS The magic of 'FREE' is very powerful What can be more attractive for a customer than getting a free product with purchase? Nothing! Studies show that free presents are a lot more effective than even big discounts, in other words a free...
  6. D

    Magento 2.x Sphinx Search Ultimate for Magento 2

    Get an innovative approach to search for products in your online store and increase your website conversion rate from search results by more than 50%! Incredible relevance of search results Ultrafast search autocomplete Automatic correction of typing errors while searching Searching by...
  7. D

    Premium Sphinx Search Ultimate for Magento 2 2021-02-17

    Get an innovative approach to search for products in your online store and increase your website conversion rate from search results by more than 50%! Incredible relevance of search results Ultrafast search autocomplete Automatic correction of typing errors while searching Searching by...
  8. LSDeep

    CodeCanyon Magento 2 Flutterwave Payment Gateway 1.0

    The module allows Magento store owners to integrate Flutterwave payment gateway into their stores. It also allows customers to pay for products using the various payment methods available by Flutterwave such as (card, bank transfer, M-Pesa, QR, ...). The module is completely safe as it...
  9. LSDeep

    ThemeForest Market 5.5.1

    This is an adaptive premium Magento 2 & 1.9 theme, fully customizable and suitable for online stores, especially for multi-disciplinary stores with several branches and goods, such as an online store, a supermarket, a digital goods store, a high-tech store, a watch store, a fashion store ...
  10. LSDeep

    ThemeForest Sawyer 3.0.0

    A theme designed with 05 unique homepage layouts and 05 color styles ... This is the only Magento theme to highlight in your online store. This responsive theme, perfect for everything from clothing to electronics, promises to turn your website into a dynamic and optimized shopping experience...
  11. LSDeep

    ThemeForest Sirena 2.1

    This is a premium Magento 2 theme from Meigee, suitable for any stores.
  12. LSDeep

    ThemeForest SmartElect 100.1.0

    SmartElect Magento Theme is specially designed for electronics, computer, accessories, mobile, vegetables, food, furniture and match any kind of store. SmartElect Magento Theme is looking good with it’s colors combination. All sub pages are customized. It is very nice with its clean and...
  13. LSDeep

    CodeCanyon YouTubeR 2.0.4

    YouTubeR – unique Magento module, that allows you to easily embed YouTube videos, playlists, channels to your website. With this module you can create outstanding video galleries on your website. e
  14. LSDeep

    Retail Amasty Improved Sorting 2.7.1

    Improved sorting for Magento 2 is a very effective tool for store-owners who care about their customers. Increase the usability of your catalog with user-friendly search options! Let your potential clients browse catalog or categories by any comfortable parameters.
  15. LSDeep

    CodeCanyon Region and City Manager 4.0.1 / 7.0.0

    City and Region Manager allows you to add states/regions, cities and zip codes/postcodes for all countries. Regions,cities and zip codes will be displayed as dropdowns list in all address forms on fronted like checkout billing address step, checkout shipping address step and customer address...
  16. J

    ThemeForest Amasty OneStep Checkout Magento 2 2019-12-09

    Amasty OneStep Checkout Magento 2
  17. J

    ThemeForest M2- and of coder marketplace 2.3.0 2019-12-09

    Magento 2 multi vendor marketplace extension
  18. A

    Premium Amasty Color Swatches Pro 3.8.12

    Color Swatches Pro is a Magento color selector module which presents configurable products on a new level by animating boring text attributes. Use advanced color swatches to be creative in your products positioning. Use images for attributes selection Let customers buy configurables from...
  19. Dzign_77

    Retail Magebees products Magento 2 1.3.0

    Import Export Products Extension For Magento 2 Product page: Magento 2 Import Export Products Extension Import Export all types of products like simple, configurable, grouped, bundle, downloadable and virtual. Import/Export products with categories ids or categories name. If categories do not...
  20. Dzign_77

    Retail Magencity GDPR MAGENTO 2 1.0.0

    GDPR PRO MAGENTO 2 Product page: GDPR Pro Magento 2 Our Magento 2 GDPR extension will enable your site to become compliant with the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) law. This is a top to bottom solution covering Right to Forget, Data Anonymization, Cookie Notification and Consent...
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