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  1. LSDeep

    Premium Tabulizer 6.2.2

    Tabulizer provides all the functionality to read data from various sources (typed plain text, Excel and CSV files, Web/HTML pages, RSS Feeds, Database Queries/Tables) and present them in various formats, such as responsive tables, graphs, charts, galleries, event calendars, etc. The resulting...
  2. LSDeep

    Premium RegularLabs Snippets Pro 6.9.4

    With Snippets you can include text snippets in your content You can make reusable snippets (pieces of text/content) and easily include them into your content via a simple tag, like: {snippet my-first-snippet} When you edit the article (or module, or wherever you put the snippet tag), you will...
  3. LSDeep

    Premium Auto Cards 1.0.415

    Auto Cards is an awesome URL embedder Joomla module that lets you embed pretty much any URL you like, anywhere in your Joomla website! Generate more content views Easily place your content, whether it is from your site, or Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or any other site. All you need is a URL...
  4. LSDeep

    Premium JoomGrabber

    JoomGrabber is an advanced tool that let you grab and fetch data from out-side and store it in your Joomla website, this grabber Joomla Extension can collect any external data sources (RSS, XML, NewsML, Youtube, ebay, email, ...) and store into any Joomla 3rd party Extension (K2, FLEXIcontent...
  5. LSDeep

    Premium jGifts 1.1.15

    jGifts lets your community users offer virtual gifts to each other and much more ! jGifts is not only a Virtual gifts manager or shop, it's a marketplace application allowing users to gift each other spending user points but also to create their own virtual gifts and earn points commission on...
  6. LSDeep

    Premium JoomBah Jobs 1.3.8

    JB Jobs has been developed to fulfill the needs of one full-fledged, power-packed, less bug component which take care of complete Job Recruitment System. Features: Responsive front-end layout - The component can now be viewed properly via mobile devices. Addition of new MyFolders Feature for...
  7. LSDeep

    Premium Cherry Picker for HikaShop 1.3

    Cherry Picker is a product filtering module that has gained the widest popularity among Virtuemart users. And now it's coming to a HikaShop shopping cart. It is a complete port that preserves all the advanced features in addition with some of the unique options available to HikaShop only.
  8. LSDeep

    Premium DM Frontend User Manager 3.1.1

    DM Frontend User Manager is a Joomla component that allows to manage users directly from the frontend. With this extension the site's staff will be able to edit/add users directly from your site's frontend, without having to login the Joomla backend. With DM Frontend User Manager you can set...
  9. towerman

    Solved Question Help for a component

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a component for a Joomla website. I need to create a step-by-step "customizer" for products; for example I would like to make the user choose the material of the products (showing a photo for every product), then the user must select the color of the products, than the...
  10. LSDeep

    Premium DM Ask Info PopUp 3.0

    Ask Info Popup is a plugin that allows users ask questions, through a simple and elegant form, that can be showed in a popup or in a slider. When the form is submitted the site administrator receives an e-mail containing the form details. You can place as many buttons as you want, and for each...
  11. M

    Premium PayPlans 4.2.3

    Joomla's one stop solution for all e-Commerce sites. PayPlans makes creating, selling and managing subscriptions a whole lot simpler. Single click updater: PayPlans makes upgrade in between new maintenance releases a lot simpler and quicker. Responsive & Mobile Ready: The all new and improved...
  12. D

    Premium J-Business Directory 5.5.3

    J-BusinessDirectory is a professional, flexible and extensible solution for organizing a business portal on Joomla 3.x. Exactly what many organizations lack. The component not only displays your projects, but is also equipped with an excellent search engine. You yourself create and manage all...
  13. LSDeep

    Premium Yendif Music Share 1.2

    A complete music management system that helps musicians get their music online. It helps you to share albums, songs, artists and playlists with your users and let them share with everyone else. Back-end managements Yendif Music Share comes with a simple & powerful admin interface through which...
  14. LSDeep

    Premium FB Messenger Customer Chat 1.2

    The Messenger Platform customer chat module allows you to integrate your Messenger experience directly into your website. This allows your customers to interact with your business anytime with the same personalized, rich-media experience they get in Messenger. You can create Chatbots for...
  15. LSDeep

    Premium DM Simple Contact 3.1.0

    DM Simple Contact is a straight simple and complete contact component for Joomla. You can configure a complete contact page in a couple of clicks, directly from the item menu's parameters: just set your contact data, select the required fields, your address and an optional text. That's it, you...
  16. M

    Premium Yootheme Zoo 4.0.4

    A flexible and powerful Joomla CCK and Content Builder which allows you to create your very own content types with advanced custom fields.
  17. M

    Premium RSFirewall MD5-Hash (Joomla v3.9.24) 2021-01-13

    Hash Joomla! 3.9.24 for RSFirewall!
  18. M

    Premium Speed Cache 2.9.0

    Speed Cache is an extension of Joomla! Joomla has its own cache and Gzip compression system, which is good, but Speed Cache will be a natural improvement on the Joomla page cache system with high performance and improved features. Speed Cache improves powerful static page caching compatible with...
  19. LSDeep

    Premium DM Article List Pro 3.5.1

    "Article Titles Pro" allows you to list your Joomla articles or K2 items in a module; you can choose to list articles filtering them by categories, authors and tags. You can choose to show/hide or show only the featured and archived articles. Also, the module can show the articles' creation...
  20. LSDeep

    Premium 17 addons in 1! 1.5.12

    NO CODING Ready to use, only 1 Joomla plugin to install NO LIMIT You can add own plugins or contact me for custom works FAST All plugin use same main code, so minimum memory is used This custom field is a kind of mega plugin to integrate infinite possibilities in Virtuemart custom fields. It...
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