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  1. G

    Premium InGallery 2.1.0

    inGallery allows you to display any Instagram media on you website in a highly customizable galleries. User friendly, flexible, customizable – it’s an essential plugin to show your website visitors your life stream, portfolio, travel pictures or anything else you can imagine.
  2. G

    Retail Stripe Payment Plugin For RS Form Pro 2022-05-11

    The RSForm!Pro Stripe Payment Integration Plugin allows you to add a new payment method to the existing Payment Package for RSForm!Pro. You will need the payment package for RS Form in order to use the plugin.
  3. E

    Premium Convert Forms 3.2.3

    The Most User-Friendly Joomla Form Builder in the Market Our form designer can help you create perfect converting contact forms, newsletter opt-in forms and any kind of forms so you can collect the data and registrations in your Joomla! website. ...
  4. towerman

    Joomla Request JMG Preloader

    Hello guys, anyone has got a PRO version of JMG Preloader? Thanks :)
  5. E

    Premium JA Google Map Plugin 2.7.3

    A Google Map Plugin allows users to embed Google Maps, into articles. A step further, it comes with Code Generator, which allows generation of multiple maps with varied configurations and layouts. Supports various map types viz., | Road Map | Satellite Map | Hybrid Map | Terrain |...
  6. vbctv2005

    Request Widgetkit 3.1.9

    Does anyone have the latest version off YooTheme Widgetkit. Version 3.1.9 that fixes PHP 8.0 warnings. As always thanks in advance...
  7. E

    Premium MyShortlist 1.10.1443

    MyShortlist is a favourite items module for Joomla! which allows your visitors to save articles and other Joomla! components items in quickly accesible lists. MyShortlist has many usages, one of which is to be used as an add-to-cart functionality for articles, and allow your visitors to send you...
  8. G

    Premium Engage Box 5.1.1

    Joomla Popups. Made Easy! Convert the traffic you already have into customers and subscribers with highly targeted popups.
  9. Costa

    Joomla Request VMUikit X 10.14

    Does anyone have version 10.14 to share?
  10. PsychoDaleic

    Retail RAXO All-Mode Pro 1.11(j3) & 2.01 (J4)

    RAXO All-Mode Pro 1.11(j3) & 2.01 (J4) Joomla 4 version is Buggy!!! RAXO All-mode PRO is the most powerful and comprehensive tool to display Joomla news and articles. Great functionality and easy use give you complete freedom to display Joomla content any way you want. Do anything with your...
  11. B

    Joomla Extension for selling photos online

    Hello, Can you recommend me Joomla extension which I can use to sell photos online? Thank you
  12. B

    Premium Gourmets - Restaurat Booking Reservation Joomla Template 1.1.2

    Built with the latest Joomla technology, is build on Helix Framework,Pages are made with Sp Page Builder and the best Slider for Joomla, Creative Slider. Gourmets - Restaurat Booking Reservation Booking Joomla Template support responsive layout so it looks great on all devices. Features...
  13. vbctv2005

    Premium Yootheme Zoo 4.1.17

    A flexible and powerful Joomla CCK and Content Builder which allows you to create your very own content types with advanced custom fields. 4.1.13 (January 11, 2022) Fixed Fix Google Maps element in Joomla 4 Fixed Fix PHP warning in 'resizeImage' function Fixed Fix repeatable elements...
  14. E


    The perfect newsletter plugin No newsletter glitches, anymore Test your newsletter content (links, keywords, images) to make it perfect. Avoid your newsletters being considered as SPAM Check your SPAM score and make sure you won't be considered as SPAM thanks to our Mail Tester tool. No...
  15. PsychoDaleic

    Retail VMuikit X Premium Joomla Pro v10.10 (Sep 28, 2021)

    VMuikit X v10.10 (Sep 28, 2021) Full Dynamic Content support for VirtueMart! Use the power of YOOthemes Pro Builder to create Dynamic Templates for VirtueMart! Go to our dedicated VMuikit X page for more information. Aloha, Psycho
  16. nadird

    Premium RSForm! Pro External Mailer 3.0.0 2021-12-23

    The RSForm!Pro Mailer Plugin allows RSForm!Pro to send emails using a different mailer settings than the ones from Global Configuration. Besides this functionality, the RSForm!Pro Mailer Plugin will help you to prevent spoofing by adding a digital signature to outgoing message headers using the...
  17. M

    Joomla 4.x Question Which Page builder is best for joomla?

    Hello there is quite many page builder for joomla. sp page builder, yootheme pro and elementor.. also i heard about something like oxygen . anyone have experinces with all of them? i am going to use one of them for my projects. which one will do the job?
  18. mr.saxe

    Nulled jsn imageshow v5.0.16 pro 5.0.16

    JSN ImageShow is one of the most popular photo gallery extensions for Joomla! Its built for developers, webmasters, photographers and publishers to help them create very nice image galleries running well on Joomla websites. Its powerful, easy to use, and feature-rich. It has had a lot of good...
  19. sygmund

    Other J2Store Pro - Online store for Joomla (with Plugins) 3.3.18

    J2Store Pro v3.3.18 is an easy-to-manage extension for Joomla, which allows you to create an online store. Creating an e-commerce site has now become even easier. You can use Joomla materials to describe products, adding prices, interest rates, and more. This saves a lot of time and allows you...
  20. sygmund

    Other SP Page Builder Pro (With addons and templates) 3.8.1

    Lifetime Usage 1 Year Support & Updates Unlimited Websites License Quickstart Included Access to Templates & Extensions Access to SP Page Builder Pro Branding/Copyright Removal
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