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  1. LSDeep

    Premium AdBlock Detected Tracker & Statistics 1.4.0

    AdBlock Detected Tracker & Statistics silently tracks users that use AdBlock. AdBlock Detected Tracker also tracks guests individually as well as registered users. Use the power of Xenforo usergroups to deal with AdBlocker’s in a way that works best for your community. Benefits: Quietly...
  2. LSDeep

    Premium AdBlock Detection [anti-AdBlock] 2.0.5

    Fully featured anti-AdBlock system. Recoup lost revenue by nagging or forcing people to disable their adBlocker. Supports a full page overlay or a simple notice message. The choice is yours. Features: Granular permissions per usergroup 3 overlay themes (dark, light and default) Simple...
  3. LSDeep

    CodeCanyon DeBlocker 2.0.3

    This is a powerful tool and plugin for saving money for websites created by WordPress. The purpose of this plugin is to ask a site visitor to disable browser extensions that block ads. The plugin defines most browser extensions for ad blocking, such as AdBlock and Adblock Plus, uBlock and...
  4. S

    CodeCanyon DeBlocker - Anti AdBlock for WordPress v1.0.2

    DeBlocker is a powerful tool and money-saving plugin for websites created by WordPress. The goal of this Plugin is to ask a website visitor to disable browser extensions that block ads. The Plugin defines most browser extensions for ads blocking, such as AdBlock & Adblock Plus, uBlock &...
  5. Yondu

    Nulled Enhanced AdBlock Detector 2019-08-20

    About This File With this plugin you will be able to detect AdBlock & AdBlock+ browser plugin that blocks your website ads. It will display a block message that will disable all website if the user didn't disable his AdBlocker.... This plugin comes with these features and options: Select...
  6. Yondu

    Xenforo 2.x Tutorial Show adblock detected notice

    Today I used an old resource of xF1 on xF2 by copying required things. This Tutorial will help you to shows Adblock notice to the user in place of google advertisement banner. In order to get it working on your website, first, create javascript file namely advertisement.js and add it to your...
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