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Nulled whmcs 7.8 7.8

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Multiple Pay Methods
Store multiple Credit Card and Bank Account Pay Methods per Client

In WHMCS 7.8, clients can now store multiple Pay Methods for faster checkout. During checkout and manual payment of an invoice, clients can choose any stored Pay Method that is applicable (or create a new one) for that single payment.
This work also introduces support for multiple token gateways to be configured and used concurrently within the product as well as introduces support for storage and management of bank account payment details.

Server Sync Tool
The new way to keep servers in-sync and reduce dormant account usage

Server Sync is a new tool available in WHMCS 7.8 to help you identify accounts that exist on a web server that do not exist within WHMCS and vica-versa. This allows you to more easily identify and terminate old and unnecessary accounts on a web server, as well as ensure service records within WHMCS are up-to-date and accurate.
Accessed via the Server Configuration UI within the WHMCS admin area, this new tool supports cPanel, Plesk and DirectAdmin at launch, and is available for module developers to integrate into custom and 3rd party modules too.

Free Two-Factor Authentication
Time-Based Tokens now freely available in WHMCS 7.8

Two-Factor Authentication via Time-Based Tokens is available to all in WHMCS 7.8 and is recommended for added account security.
For new installations of 7.8 or later, Two-Factor Authentication via Time-Based Tokens will be available by default to client and admin users. For existing installations if you have not previously enabled Time-Based Tokens, you can do so in Setup > Staff Management > Two-Factor Authentication.
As before, administrative users can enable Two-Factor Authentication via the My Account page within the Admin Area. Client users can enable Two-Factor Authentication via the Security Settings page with the Account menu of the Client Area.

Client Area Password Generator
Encourage use of stronger more secure passwords

The Client Area now includes an automatic password generator for all password input fields allowing clients to have a password automatically generated and filled into the field.
The automatic password generation is intended to help encourage the use of more secure passwords with a default length of 12 characters containing a mix of letters, numbers and special characters.

Hide & Retire Product Addons
Remove addons from sale and retire them from use

In WHMCS 7.8 it is now possible to hide product addons just like you can products. A hidden product addon is visible within the admin area but not visible within the shopping cart.
You can also now retire product addons as well. A retired product addon is neither visible to clients within the client area or administrative users within the admin area.

Server Setup Auto-complete
Speeding up the process of adding new servers

A new wizard based server creation process speeds up the process of adding new web servers by automatically completing some fields for you.
Simply enter your Server API credentials for a cPanel, Plesk or DirectAdmin server and the remaining fields are auto-filled where possible.
This new wizard based process is available in addition to the previous server creation workflow, so you can continue to use the previous UX if desired and module developers can make this functionality in their own modules too.

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