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User Groups in Registration Screen & Account Settings 2.0.4

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About This File
This plugin will allow users to choose groups in register form during registration process OR on Account Settings, if their groups are allowed to. Admin will set up which groups will be available in registration screen/account settings.


  • The registration group/change of group on Account Settings will not be saved IF any attempt of exploit (try to change the Group ID) is detected. An error message will be displayed instead.
  • It is designed to work ONLY on default IPS 4.X registration screen. It doesn't support social network registration (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Compatible with Commerce, UNLESS you use the setting Move customer into group on a product/package in registration screen. In this case, the group chosen on Commerce will OVERRIDE the group chosen by the user in this plugin. Pay attention to this item!

56f454084b316_Screenshot3.PNG.3813793d17ad700356736b48e7975373.png 56f45407736da_Screenshot2a.png.6e7ea06c0f16465d71cfa4f202d74ed0.png 56f45406b8a1e_Screenshot2.PNG.c93918bdffb2b174ceb5d5d84ceb399f.png 56c84cbe190e8_Screenshot1a.PNG.5ce94db93ff1ed9c49cb36b885eb6e15.png 56c84cbd5a3ab_Screenshot1.PNG.2bd0b1574786c499e6afe68e673e2890.png
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