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Nulled SP Page Builder Pro 3.7.10

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Best drag & drop page builder for Joomla
Already more than 400 thousand people around the world use SP Page Builder. A distinctive feature of this page designer for Joomla is the presence of a truly powerful drag & drop tool that allows you to create your own site, and it does not matter if you are a beginner or a professional!

Fully responsive design
Whatever site you create using SP Page Builder, be sure that it will be 100% responsive and friendly to all mobile devices, as it uses the Bootstrap 4 toolkit, which makes your site even smoother and smoother as to the magic!

Real-time interface editing
SP Page Builder uses the latest page editing system for the most convenient conversion of your website on the Internet. Just add an element, and you can see the result in real time. There is no need for a preview - all changes take place right before your eyes!

Already finished sections
Take advantage of the wide selection of off-the-shelf designs found in SP Page Builder. Thanks to these built-in ready-made sections, creating a page is incredibly easy. Just drag the block you like to any place on the page, and it will immediately appear there. All changes will take only a couple of seconds!

Particular responsiveness for devices
You can’t cut everyone “in one comb”, which is why SP Page Builder has special responsiveness for all types of devices. You can edit your site to fit any screen resolution. And the great thing is that you can test all the changes made right now, in real time!

Create your own partition library
Forget about having to do the same sections over and over again! With the new SP Page Builder library system, you can repeatedly use previously created sections on different pages. All that is required of you is just to save your favorite design in the library and place it wherever you want! It's so simple, isn't it?

Updated structure
The completely redesigned interface of SP Page Builder harmoniously combines both the pleasant appearance of the designer and the ease of use. To make the site creation process even faster, the developers abandoned the outdated editing tools, now all the changes are happening live thanks to your own actions.

Modern additions
These additions appeared as a result of a review of the developers' views on convenience and functionality. Now to combine and combine these additions among themselves has become even more convenient. New editing tools will take your knowledge in website designing to a higher level.

Redesigned Media Manager
SP Page Builder has the most advanced multimedia management tool you can imagine. During its creation, the idea of Material Design was used, which makes this media manager as modern as possible, and its redesigned functionality is truly impressive. It supports files of various formats: images, videos, text documents, archives, etc.

Striking Shape Divider
You can easily give your site a whole new look with the Shape Divider tool. Many shapes in Shape Divider are ready to decorate different areas of your site. Adding shapes to different parts of the page, playing with their size and shape is quite simple, you just try!

Custom fonts
With SP Page Builder, making text look even more appealing is even easier. This can be easily done with the help of a specialized add-on, giving the font different styles: change the font you like, varying its size, spacing, adjusting margins, line alignment, etc.

Google Fonts
Filling your site with text will not be completed without the ability to choose fonts for every taste and color. You have one with SP Page Builder, so you can apply any Google font. Choose the font you need from a huge collection to create the best typography with the least effort.

Redesigned UI
The new redesigned interface editor embodied the idea of Material Design. Now there is no need to install add-ons or delve into the settings to modify the content of the site. All changes can be made using the tools in the sidebar. Also, the interface and UX-design of the hardware-software part of the designer were improved.

Creating a complex structure
With SP Page Builder, it has become possible to structure your site in the most incredible way and your creativity will become truly limitless. In the blink of an eye, you can add rows, columns, nested columns, insert extensions, and also adjust fields, indents and spaces - all this will help you quickly create the perfect site structure.

One Click Copy
Creating a complex structure also becomes possible, thanks to the functionality of SP Page Builder, which allows you to copy and apply previously created rows, columns and other elements, just select the ones you want and paste them in the right place.

Ability to enable and disable rows, columns and additions
Rows, columns, and additions can be easily turned on and off. Disabled items will still exist, but will be hidden from the eyes of users. Thus, you can experiment with the design of the site without changing its current appearance.

Unlimited edits
Thanks to this feature, SP Page Builder allows you to make edits without any restrictions while editing a page, instantly undoing or restoring actions. You will find this functionality incredibly useful and it will become vital for you, because returning the page to its original state will be so simple!

Managing horizontal spacing between columns (Gutter)
Thanks to SP Page Builder, you can adjust the horizontal spacing between columns, i.e. "Gutter". Changing this spacing may be necessary if the design of your page requires expanding the columns, which will reduce the distance between them. Now, to cope with this, simply removing gutter is enough.
Presence of ready-to-use layouts

In SP Page Builder Pro, over 25 layouts are now fully ready for use. Based on them, you can launch your site in minutes. Just select the layout you like and fill it with the necessary content and the site will be ready. New layouts replenish the collection on a regular basis.

Export and import pages
You will enjoy this really convenient and time-saving feature. With SP Page Builder, you can export a page template, and later import it to restore its entire structure. This function will allow you to use the page you have already created and based on it to construct a new site in the shortest possible time.

Unlimited Inline Strings
Using this option SP Page Builder, you can insert new lines into existing ones, thereby creating a complex page structure, as a result of which the site content is displayed in the way you need. This functionality opens its doors to the developer in the world of unlimited freedom and provides the best UX-design for end users.

Adding custom CSS to pages
SP Page Builder provides a huge number of innovative tools that allow you to build your site without writing a single line of code. At the same time, these tools give you the opportunity to make the site truly unique by adding custom CSS to page elements.

Create notes for Joomla
SP Page Builder also supports writing notes for Joomla. This will allow you, using the full power of the designer’s functionality, to give notes a spirit of unlimited freedom. So create, decorate and manage your notes with SP Page Builder.

Rich Editing Experience with JCE
You asked - we provided. SP Page Builder Pro now supports the JCE editor, which means that you can use its tools directly in the SP Page Builder text editing interface. So if you do not want to use the TinyMCE editor, this function is now possible specifically for you.

Page Builder
Thanks to this module, it has now become possible to use add-ons such as tabs, accordion menus, etc., in any Joomla! Module, which makes it easy to create a design without your direct intervention in the code.

Facebook Open Graph Layout
Open Graph markup plays an important role in how your site will look on social networks and other media resources. For example, Facebook collects link headers, descriptions, and thumbnails from open graph data. Using the open graph settings in SP Page Builder, you can easily determine your page title, its description, thumbnail, etc.

Creating K2 Elements
Many people use K2, a popular content extension for Joomla sites, but in addition to Joomla's built-in notes, SP Page Builder also supports K2. This means that now you can create and edit the contents of your K2 using the SP Page Builder functionality as well.

J2Store compatible
Have you ever seen a page of an online store on the J2Store platform? Then you must understand how important it is to present your product in the best possible light in order to attract the full attention of the client. With the help of SP Page Builder, you can add a description to your product to make it more attractive to a potential buyer.

Access control list
Using the ACL (Access Control List) functions, you can control access both separately for each page and for add-ons, determining the level of access for individual user groups. These options allow you to show or hide any page or its element, depending on which group of users it is. Such functionality will help to better manage the site and help protect sensitive data.

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