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Reseller API Module 2.1.0

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Compatible WHMCS Versions

Fully integrated support for Register, Renew, and Transfer domain name.

Services also supported:

  • DNS Modifications
  • Email Forwarding
  • Private Registrations
  • Modify Contacts
  • Modify Registrar Lock/Unlock
  • Get Domain Auth Code
  • Domain/URL Forwarding
  • DNS Management (A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, TXT)
  • Domain suggestion, domain delete
  • Domain transfer out approve/refuse
This is a custom WHMCS module built for our resellers to enable remote Domain Registration and management of RAD WEB HOSTING domains.

  1. Download the module
  2. Copy the RadWebHosting directory into the respective WHMCS directory in your WHMCS setup: /whmcs/modules/registrars/
  3. In WHMCS Admin area, navigate to Setup -> Products/Services -> Domain Registrars and activate the RadWebHosting registrar
  4. Enter your API username and API secret. These can be obtained via your Hosting Dashboard.
  5. Add funds to your account. API domain registrations/transfers/renewals are paid using your existing account balance. PayPal, Credit Cards, and over 40 cryptocurrencies can be used for funding. $20 is the minimum funds allowed per transaction. This will ensure domains are registered/renewed when your WHMCS requests.
  6. Add the following code to /includes/additionaldomainfields.php if using WHMCS v6 or add to /resources/domains/additionalfields.php if using WHMCS v7:

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