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Nulled Modulesgarden Domainsreseller 1.6.10 2018-06-24

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Compatible WHMCS Versions
6.x, 7.x
Domains Reseller For WHMCS is a thought-out module that will allow you to resell your TLDs handily. With our product you will be able to easily manage your resellers and let them instantly start reselling domains directly to their own clients. What is more, the module is equipped with its own API which can be used by your resellers to offer domains to end clients even through other systems such as HostBill, Blesta or Clientexec!

Furthermore, Domains Reseller For WHMCS will let you assign promotional codes to your API users, manage credits and refund policy, automatically generate the API knowledge base for your resellers in the WHMCS client area, view the API logs and much more.

The entire concept is pretty simple yet very effective. Install and configure the main module in WHMCS, generate your own registrar module to be installed by your resellers within their own systems. Then they can offer TLDs directly to their own clients. Works like a charm!

Would you like to find new ways of distributing your domains and increasing your earnings? Order Domains Reseller For WHMCS, build a network of trusted resellers and offer your TLDs to the whole world!

  • Provider
    • Utilize Your Own API For Domains Reselling
    • Generate Domain Registrar Module For WHMCS & HostBill
    • Enable/Disable API
    • Whitelist Reseller IP Addresses
    • Set API Requests Limit
    • Disable API For New Users Automatically
    • Generate API Key For New Users Automatically
    • Toggle SSL Connection
    • Manage API User:
      • View Details Of API User
      • Enable/Disable User API
      • Assign Promo Codes
      • Generate Key
      • Restrict IP Addresses
      • Define API Requests Restriction
    • Order Mass Actions On API User:
      • Generate Keys
      • Enable Keys
      • Disable Keys
    • Send Low Credit Notification
    • Choose TLDs Enabled For Reselling via API
    • Allow Chosen Resellers To:
      • Pay After Order - No Credits Required
      • Pay After Registration - No Credits Required
      • Set Up IP Addresses Restrictions And Their Limits
    • Define Type Of Refund Upon Unsuccessful Domain Registration
    • Overwrite Registrar Message Displayed To End Customers
    • Generate API Knowledgebase
    • View API Logs
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