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Nulled Mass Editing of Goods v2.0.5 2.0.5

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Compatible Prestashop Versions
1.6.x, 1.7.x
Select the desired products and combinations and edit them in bulk. Change the price, quantity, category, manufacturer, discount, etc. all selected
products at once Filter products by category, manufacturer, activity, etc. Perfectly saves your time!

You can edit:
Goods and product combinations
Final / basic / wholesale prices: can be increased / decreased by: percentage, value or replaced by another price.
Set a tax rule.
Increase / decrease the quantity of an item or replace it with another value.
Set the minimum quantity of an item to purchase.
Set text when the item is in stock.
Set an order when an item is not in stock.
Change default categories / category (add categories to current or put others, delete certain categories)
Change the manufacturer and supplier
Add / edit discounts for goods or combinations
Add accessories to goods
Turn off or turn on goods
Add property / characteristics for goods
Change visibility / condition / options / stickers for sale
Change delivery / weight and size
Indicate effect on weight
Add images to goods or combinations
Configure signatures and generate them (by category / manufacturer / product name) for image
Add a short / long description (for multiple languages)
Generation of short / long descriptions of the properties, the manufacturer, the final price, product name, part number, a category
Add a delivery product
Configure article of providers and
Adjusting article, EAN-13, UPC for products and combinations
Delete combination with selected attributes
Delete attributes of combinations
Add attributes to incomplete combinations
Change / edit attachments
Change / edit Meta tags (title, keywords, description, tags, meta generator by properties, manufacturer, final price, product name, article number, category), delete Meta tags
Change CNC ( generator by manufacturer, final price, product name, article number, category)
Create custom fields
Create new products

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