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Nulled JRealtime Analytics 3.4.3

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With JRealtime Analytics you will be able to track every single click or visited page on your site without need of complex integration with 3PD services like Google Analytics!
Moreover thanks to the new technology Universal Events Tracking System ™, it's capable to integrate with every installed extensions, so you can track virtually everything in few easy steps, and all informations are stored on your server!

The innovative Mobile Heatmap ™ system gives you an overview of the exact elements on pages where users clicks more often, tracking the exact number of clicks in a given period. This system is no more limited to track the point coordinates in the page that has been clicked in a particular screen resolution, now real HTML elements receiving clicks are tracked and shown in the heatmap making it working for visits received by smartphone and tablets!

JRealtime Analytics is done to be compliant to the EU Cookie Law, indeed it doesn't install or require any additional or third party cookies but it's solely based on the native session cookie of Joomla! Moreover you can choose to anonymize the IP address tracking. Now it integrates even with the GDPR component for Joomla! allowing stats tracking only after the cookie consent, thus providing a fully GDPR compliant stats solution.

Main features are:

•Universal Events Tracking System ™ to track documents download, specific page views or 3PD extensions links
•Mobile Heatmap ™ to monitor hot spots density on your website, now you can see how visitors really react to your designs
•Advanced stats report by period of interest
•Navigation flow diagram for each visitor
•Google Analytics integration™ approved by the Official Google Team
•Get stats for pages, keywords, clicks, ranking of your website with the new Google Search Console integration™ approved by the Official Google Team
•Charts generation and export with custom themes
•Integrated cronjob for scheduled reports by email
•Visual geo map, working also in realtime
•Visits by page report
•Visits by user report
•Monitor min time spent per visit
•Monitor min time spent per visit on a specific page
•Referrals tracking for traffic sources and social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc
•Searched keywords tracking for your Joomla! site
•Realtime advanced stats
•Site speed widget to monitor site performance
•CSV, XLS, PDF report generation and export
•Exported reports compatible with OpenOffice, Microsoft Excel, Google Docs, etc
•Goal system, you can set a goal to be reached and monitor when done
•Advanced ban and exclusions system, by IP, pages, usergroups, countries
•Database auto optimizations and cleaning
•Server load fine tuning
•Privacy for collected data hold in your database
•Responsive ready so you can access stats from mobile devices
•Plug'n'play and easy to use, not a lot of complex features but exactly what you need

Stats generated by JRealtime Analytics are SEO optimized and can be precious to understand trend on your site. You can track how much time users have spent on every single page, you can know average times and pages that users leave your site. This kind of stats are precious to optmize your site and increase your revenues.

Thanks to the Google Analytics integration, having a Google account to monitor stats of your site with Google Analytics you can easily activate it directly inside JRealtime Analytics. You can display stats of your Google Analytics account directly inside JRealtime Analytics is few easy steps.
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