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Nulled [DBTech] DragonByte eCommerce 1.5.1

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DragonByte eCommerce is a high-tech online store plugin for XenForo 2 that contains advanced features such as multiple price levels, coupons and automatic sales. Fully integrated with XenForo 2, DragonByte eCommerce uses all the built-in features of XenForo 2, such as the new payment profile system, which allows you to accept payments from different payment systems.

DragonByte eCommerce is the most advanced e-commerce solution fully integrated into your XenForo forum. Create virtually unlimited products and offer them for sale, with digital products that support multiple price levels for different licenses, additional products for additional additional features, such as branding keys, etc.

Collect information about the installation of your digital products through the license fields, which may not be required prior to download. Any changes to the license fields will be carefully recorded, and the journal entry when the client downloads the product will contain a snapshot of the license fields, as was the case when the product was downloaded.

Downloads can be added either as external URLs, as attachments, or automatically generated from a folder on your server. No matter how you decide to save your downloads, you will find the option you need.

If you decide so, all sales may be subject to sales tax, depending on the country of origin of the person purchasing the product. VAT is also fully supported, and VAT rates are automatically updated, so you do not have to manually keep up with the change in VAT rates. Customers can also enter their registered VAT identifier, which will be exempt from sales tax, if applicable.

Feature List Powerful Products.

Your products may have prefixes, tags, categories, product filters that help narrow your search, requirements, descriptions, and product fields.
Product fields can be used to display other product information in specific areas, so you are not limited to the default input fields.
Order fields can be used to request information from a client during checkout, for example, if you sell a service and require access to your server.

Automatic billing: when users buy from you, customers fill out their addresses, which are then used to create an invoice. This invoice is attached to the payment receipt email, and can also be reloaded at any time from their order list.

Automatic discounts: set thresholds for creating wholesale discounts without manual interaction. Never have to deal with bulk purchase requests again!

Coupons and sales: Create coupons that you can manually distribute to customers with fine-grained access control. Alternatively, set up a sale that will automatically apply discounts for selecting products (and displays the “Sale” banner in the list of products), and, if necessary, by e-mail when the sale begins.

Sales Tax: Your customers may be subject to sales tax depending on their location, with full control over which countries levy taxes on tax rates. Perhaps VAT support may be included, which means that countries taxed with VAT will automatically update sales tax rates.

Friendly orders: if the order is not completed, users will be able to repeat the payment through the page of their account. This page also lists all their existing orders, with the option of reloading the invoice if necessary. You can also manage addresses and licenses on this page.

Permissions:Categories, products and coupons are designed to use the XenForo 2 permission system, which provides fine-grained access control. For example, the user work provided to your customers can only be customized to be available to the developer and client.

License Distributors: Give certain users the option to generate licenses through their account page, which is ideal for any reseller deals you may have developed.

Commission items: Define specific users as receiving a percentage of sales (not automatically transferred), and see Detailed reports of your outstanding commissions through AdminCP.

Payment Profiles: with full support for XenForo 2 payment profiles, you are not blocked on PayPal. Install any payment profile you want, such as Bitcoin, and DragonByte eCommerce will support it.

Alerts: Customers may receive forum alerts and / or email alerts when their viewed products are updated. Users will automatically browse the products that they download or purchase if their user preferences are configured to automatically view content during interaction.

Front-End Management: You can add new products or new downloads to existing digital products through the interface. It is also possible to grant this permission to user groups, so if you have developers working on you to release new updates, you do not need to give them administrator permissions!
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