[DBTech] Advanced Post Thanks / Like v3 (vB5) [AJAX] 3.0.4a8

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What it is: Advanced Thanks/Like mod is designed to cut down on spam and increase useful content in your forum by using a peer encouragement system - users thank/like each other's posts, which can encourage the thanked person to post more great content.

Feature List: Lite

Postbit stats:
Shows how many buttons clicks a person has given, received, etc in the postbit. Admins can determine what statistics can show in the postbit to control sizes etc.

Admin Permissions: Control things such as who can click buttons, require button clicks, what shows in postbit, what options can run concurrently, per forum permisions, etc.

Notifications: Receive alerts when a member clicked on one of the buttons for one of your posts.

Missing Feature List: Lite

Require a Button Click
: Allows you to hide the content of a post, or hie an attachment, until the person clicks a button on the post.

Statistics: Shows the top 5 people for; Giving / Receiving button clicks.

Import Thanks: Import script to import "thanks" from Abe's [AJAX] Post Thank You Hack on vBulletin.org. It will work with both vB3and vB4 versions of this mod.

Complete Feature List

Thanks / Like / Dislike Buttons

  • Fully integrated into the vBulletin 5 postbit footer
  • Same style / functionality as the vBulletin Reputation / "Like" controls
  • On-demand list of people who clicked a certain button
  • Fully AJAX driven
Button Control
  • Edit name and action text
  • Turn off "Given" stats
  • Turn off "Received" stats
  • Ability to turn off buttons per Category
  • Forum notification
  • Notifications contain a direct link to the post in question
  • Cleanup removes any thanks/likes/ dislikes from posts that no longer exists
  • Recalculate recalculates how many thanks/likes/ dislikes a user should have
  • Rebuild Statistics, ensures the Statistics table is correctly populated and its values are correct.
  • Filter entries by username, button, start date, end date
  • Change the number of entries per page
  • Change sort order
Repair Cache
  • Ensures the button/page router caches are updated

Profile tabs integration
Missing Feature List

  • Front-End
    • Require button clicks to see content (whole post is hidden)
    • Require button clicks to see attachments
    • Each button can be set as "Default" for Attachments and Content. When posting via Quick Reply, the default button(s) will be set as Required
    • Top 5 Given / Received statistics for each button
    • Widget for recent Button Clicks
    • Hottest Threads / Posts page showing most clicked posts and threads
This mod displays a copyright notification in the footer of all pages which includes:

  • 1 Link to DragonByte Technologies homepage
  • 1 Link to a Product Description page of this modification
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