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Nulled AMPZ 3.6.3

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Compatible Joomla Versions

AMPZ buttons can be displayed anywhere you want!

Sidebar left / right, horizontal inline above and/or below content, a fly in panel and the mobile positioning are the default options. Easily defined shortcodes can be used to place the buttons on any other position.

Your website is responsive? So is your social sharing plugin!

By using the special "Mobile Mode" the social buttons are displayed in the bottom of the mobile screen. You are in control when mobile mode is activated and how much buttons are displayed, keeping an option to combine the other buttons into a 'more' button.

To attract attention of your website visitors, only one position containing social buttons is visible at a time. So, if a visitor scrolls the page and the inline position becomes visible the mobile position is hidden (animated). Once the inline position is no longer within viewport the mobile position is displayed again, resulting in 2 extra moments to focus on sharing your content!

The main aim of a social sharing extension is to get more exposure for your website and, by doing so, attract more visitors. If you also know what networks are used to share your content and what positions are most popular that would enrich your own insights to further tune your website. Ampz includes a fancy animated statistics dashboard which includes information based on the actual clicks using the social sharing buttons. A summary of your most shared content is added to the dashboard, as well as the numbers and networks of the last 30 days. Still need more information? Just get in touch!

Customization is key. AMPZ includes 6 retina-ready designs for the social buttons to fit the look and feel of your website (hint: or not, so they stand out even more). You control things like whether or not to show counts, labels or total shares and what animations to use when the buttons are showed / hidden.

You can also choose to show the network labels only when hovering over a button or use the buttons as icons with a centered social network icon.

Also button size or border radius can be adjusted. If that still is not enough, you can always modify the design yourself since they are made of 100% pure CSS.

Check out the demos below for more info.
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